The Angel of God 2 Tops Czech Chart

    The Angel of God 2 by Jiří Strach The Angel of God 2 by Jiří Strach

    PRAGUE: Jiří Strach’s Czech/Slovak coproduction The Angel of God 2 / Anděl páně 2 has become the most successful film in Czech cinemas in the last six weeks, with 925,000 admissions and almost 4.18 m EUR / 113 m CZK gross. The film is a sequel to Strach’s 2005 fairy tale comedy.

    The Christmas comedy starring Ivan Trojan and Jiří Dvořák defeated the 2016 hit Babovřesky 3 directed by Zdeněk Troška and produced by Fénix Film.

    The Angel of God 2 was produced by Slovakia’s Et cetera group and Attack Film, and Czech Marlene Film Czech Republic in coproduction with the Czech Television and Slovak public broadcaster RTVS. Falcon is the Czech distribution company.

    In recent history only Jan Svěrák´s Empties / Vratné láhve (2007, produced by Biogarf Jan Svěrák) and Women in Temptation / Ženy v pokušení by Jiří Vejdělek (2010, Infinity Prague), with box office exceeding 4.5 m EUR / 124 m CZK, beat The Angel of God 2.

    Other Czech films in the current Top 20 are Tomáš Svoboda’s An Hour Husband / Manžel na hodinu (Bohemia Motion Pictures) in the eighth position, Galina Miklínová’s animated film Oddsockeaters/ Lichožrouti (T.H.A.) in the 18th position, and Rudolf Havlik’s family film Tales for Ema / Pohádky pro Emu (Fenix Film) in the 19th position.