Czech Film Center and Czech Film Commission Became Part of the State Cinematography Fund


    PRAGUE: The Czech Film Center together with the Czech Film Commission became part of the State Cinematography Fund, an institution that plays a key role in shaping the filmmaking environment in the Czech Republic.

    “The Czech Film Center, which celebrates its 15th birthday in 2017, symbolically closes one phase of its existence. The coming together of the CFC and the State Cinematography Fund, gathering all our funding and promotion efforts under one roof, will allow us to be more effective in nurturing Czech film and its image in the world“, says Marketa Šantrochová, Head of the Czech Film Center.

    Established in 2002, the Czech Film Center is in charge of the promotion of Czech films abroad and it is the official national representative of Czech cinema and film industry at key film festivals and markets. Since 2004, the Czech Film Commission has been promoting the country as an attractive filming destination and is the most comprehensive resource for information about filmmaking locally.

    Before joining the State Cinematography Fund, both institutions were subordinated to the National Film Archive. They came together on 1 February 2017.

    The State Cinematography Fund is the central institution for public support of cinema in the Czech Republic. Its mission is to foster and develop Czech filmmaking by supporting all stages of film production, distribution and promotion as well as domestic film festivals, publications, digitalisation of cinemas, education and training, protection, preservation and access to film heritage. Since 2013, the State Cinematography Fund has also been administrating the production incentives.