FNE AV Innovation: Czech Application StyLit Helps Animators

    Daniel Sykora Daniel Sykora

    PRAGUE: Daniel Sykora and his team from Czech Technical University in Prague have developed a software that helps animators save time and reach more interesting results. StyLit is able to recognise the work and style of an artist and apply it to all other objects.

    That means that an artist working on an animated film doesn't have to create huge number of drawings, just the basic work, while the software takes care of the rest, preserving the original style. The algorithms of the software have been recently used for example in the work on the Oscar nominated fantasy film The Red Turtle by Michael Dudok De Wit.

    When Daniel Sykora started to work for Disney in 2010, he noticed that the animators working on a film wished their individual artistic style to be preserved to a bigger extent in the process of digitalisation. The software he and his team consequently developed in Prague helps to achieve this.

    The potential of such technologies is quite big today, as the time of perfect and polished animation seems to be over and contemporary creators prefer more authenticity and even visual imperfectness. According to lupa.cz, in the future SkyLit could for example help in the creation of highly stylised animated films.