Foreign Television Productions Boost Revenues for Czech Producers


    PRAGUE: Revenues from foreign film and television production surpassed 130 m EUR / 3.5 billion CZK in 2016 compared to 3.7 billion CZK in 2015 with big-budget foreign TV series as the main drivers of the local services industry. Total revenues from foreign productions dropped by 236m CZK / approximately 8.5m EUR.

    Overall revenues remained more or less stable with members of the Audiovisual Producers’ Association (APA) experiencing a 4% drop in combined revenues for domestic and foreign productions in 2016, that the association says indicates that the Czech film industry has reached its limits in terms of both its infrastructure and its qualified work force.

    The drop in revenues occurred despite the stabilisation of funds for film incentives from the State Cinematography Fund budget at around 30 m EUR / 800 m CZK, and positive references about Czech film services from foreign producers.

    International TV series remain the primary drivers of the Czech services industry. The highest incentive paid out in 2016 was 4.8 m EUR / 126.3m CZK for the fifth installment of Underworld: Blood Wars directed by Anna Foerster and produced by Lakeshore Entertainment, with the Czech company Stillking Films servicing.

    Among the 2016 highlights are three international television series: Britannia produced for Sky Channel with Film United servicing, Knightfall produced for History Channel with Stillking Films servicing and Genius produced for National Geographic Channel with Stillking Films servicing. Knightfall brought the highest foreign investment to Czechia amounting to 42 m EUR.

    According to the Czech Film Commission, foreign productions spent approximately 1,000 filming days on Czech locations in 2016.