PRODUCTION: Jiří Vejdělek Shoots Dad´s Volha

    Dad´s Volha by Jiří Vejdělek Dad´s Volha by Jiří Vejdělek photo: Cinemart

    PRAGUE: Jiří Vejdělek, the director of domestic hits Women in Temptation / Ženy v pokušení and Holiday Makers / Účastnící zájezdu (both produced by Infinity Prague) is currently shooting a new film Dad´s Volha / Tátova Volha with the same production company.

    After the sudden death of Ludvik, a jazz musician loved by women, his wife and daughter set on a journey driving his old car Volha GAZ 2 (nicknamed Tzarevna), following the traces of Ludvik´s secret love life. The film stars popular actresses Eliška Balzerová, Tatiana Vilhelmová and Emília Vašáryová.

    Infinity Prague is producing in coproduction with the Czech Television. The budget was not disclosed. The project has not received any production grant, but it has an allocation for tax incentive from the State Cinematography Fund.

    Shooting started in the attractive Czech locations of Kouřim and the region of Kokořínsko at the end of August and will continue through September 2017. The acclaimed Vladimir Smutný, who shot Kolja (1996) by Jan Svěrák, produced by Biograf Jan Sverak and Pandora Cinema, and winning an Oscar in the Best Foreign Film category, is lensing.

    CinemArt will release the film in the Czech Republic on 8 March 2018.

    Production information:

    Infinity Prague
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    Czech Television
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    Director: Jiří Vejdělek
    Screenwriters: Iva K. Jestřábová, Jiří Vejdělek
    DoP: Vladimír Smutný
    Cast: Eliška Balzerová, Tatiana Vilhelmová, Vilma Cibulková, Eva Holubová, Hana Maciuchová,  Emília Vášáryová, Martin Myšička, Bolek Polívka, Jana Plodková, Václav Neužil