Czech Republic Launches Script Consulting Incubator


    PRAGUE: Script Consulting Incubator, a programme commissioned by the Czech Film Fund and organised by MIDPOINT, will have two separate branches, Training the Script Consultants and Development of Czech Scripts.

    The participants of Training the Script Consultants will go through an extensive programme starting in January 2018. The initial seminar takes place in Prague on 13-14 January 2018. Then they will participate as script consultant trainees in MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2018, from January through July 2018.

    The Development of Czech Scripts branch starts in October 2018, as six selected Czech film projects supported within the Fund’s development scheme will receive script feedback within the Incubator programme. Each project will receive a full year of script consulting including three workshops and additional consultations from October 2018 through October 2019.

    In 2019 a new cycle will begin resulting in a total of 12 Czech feature film projects that will receive script support through the Incubator pilot project.

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