FNE at 2018 Finále Plzeň: Quartette

    Barbora Poláková in Quartette by Miroslav Krobot Barbora Poláková in Quartette by Miroslav Krobot photo: Czech Film Center

    PLZEN: Quartette / Kvarteto by Miroslav Krobot will screen at the 31st edition of the Finále Plzeň Film Festival. The most important Czech national film festival, presenting contemporary Czech and Slovak audiovisual production, will be held from 19 to 24 April 2018.

    Like a family gathering around one table every evening, the members of a band – a quartette of contemporary classical music – get together again at yet another concert. The somewhat incongruous foursome consists of Robert, heavily dependent on his mother; an attractive but chaotic cello player Simona; Tomáš, a young musician who likes to show off; and an ageing history expert nicknamed ’Funés’. On the way to create their most free-form composition they experience many humorous situations as well as misunderstandings.

    The film was produced by Evolution Films and coproduced by Česká televizeinnogy and Soundsquare. The Czech Film Fund supported the project.

    The film, distributed by Falcon, opened in the second place in late November 2017, and stayed in the top 10 for three weeks, but drawing a modest 33,500 admissions during that time.

    Production information:

    Evolution Films
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    Czech Television




    Director: Miroslav Krobot
    Screenwriters: Lubomir Smékal, Miroslav Krobot
    Cast: Barbora Poláková, Jaroslav Plesl, Zdeněk Julina, Lukáš Melník, Pavlína Štorková, Lenka Krobotová, Jiří Schmitzer, Jana Štěpánková