GRANTS: Czech Film Fund Supports 13 Czech Minority Coproductions


    PRAGUE: The Czech Film Fund has announced grants for thirteen Czech minority coproduction projects of all genres in 2018, as a sign of the growing awareness by Czech filmmakers of the importance of collaborative coproduction arrangements. The total number of projects registered for this call was 29. The fund distributed the entire 30 m CZK / 1.185,771 EUR allocated for this call.

    The dominating producer of these projects is Slovakia. Other countries receiving minority coproduction grants include Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria. Foreign production companies are mainly interested in Czech postproduction services and film crew members (set designer, DoP). However, with Slovak projects the cooperation goes deeper - beyond only service - which is one of the long term aims the Fund´s Council has set for this area.

    The complete grants chart can be found HERE.