FNE at Zlin IFF: Juraj Nvota Directs Czech/Slovak Kids Detective Series

    Crime Story 5.C by Juraj Nvota Crime Story 5.C by Juraj Nvota

    ZLIN: The celebratory zero clapperboard at 58th Zlin IFF launched the production of Crime Story 5.C, an upcoming Czech/Slovak coproduction for children directed by Juraj Nvota.

    Crime Story 5.C is the story of a group of children who must become detectives in order to solve a crime concerning the relationship between humans and animals.

    The show is a coproduction between Filmove Ateliery and Alef Film and Media Group in coproduction with the Czech Television and Radio and Television Slovakia. Alef Film & Media has previously collaborated with RTVS.

    The cast will consist of both Czech and Slovak actors, including the well-known names of Milan Lasica and Bolek Polívka.

    "The story was written by Pavel Taussig, who is well known because he was the author of the story for Kolya, the Oscar winning film by Jan Svěrák. He is working on the Czech side with Roman Kopřivík. The director of the series is Juraj Nvota, one of the best known Slovak film directors. A few years ago he directed the very successful children’s movie entitled Hostage (Alef Film and Media Group). The team is Czech and Slovak, with cowriters and cooperators on the script Magdalena Glasrerova, Jakub Mota on the dialogues and some stories from Michal Kovalik," producer Marian Urban from Alef Film and Media Group told FNE.

    The planned budget is 1.5 m EUR with support from the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Czech Flm Fund and the City of Zlin. The 8-episode series will be shot on location in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a premiere planned for 2019.

    Production information:

    ALEF Film & Media Group
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    Filmowe Ateliery


    Director: Juraj Nvota
    Screenwriter: Roman Kopřivík, Pavel Taussig