FNE at KVIFF 2019 Works in Progress: After the Winter


    KARLOVY: Montenegrin writer/director Ivan Bakrac and producer Ivan Djurovic presented their Montenegrin/Serbian work in progress After the Winter at the Karlovy Vary IFF's Eastern Promises pitching forum, taking place on 1 - 2 July 2019.

    “It’s time to grow up for five childhood friends in their 20’s,” Bakrac said introducing his debut film, calling it “a very intimate story.” The story follows the five, who are scattered across former Yugoslavia, in their shared activities across three seasons from spring until winter, when their carefree existence ends. The drama explores their indifference to the past history of their common homeland and how it shapes the current problems facing their countries. After the winter, their lives are changed.

    After the Winter participated in Berlin’s Script Station Lab and is supported by Creative Europe MEDIA.

    The film is produced by ARTikulacija. Djurovic (a 2015 Cannes Producer on the Move) told FNE that there are two Serbian coproducers, Akcija Film and Biberche productions. The French company Arizona Distribution will distribute the film. The film has a budget of 500,000 EUR, with support from both the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and Film Center Serbia. In addition, two other film funds are interested in the film. After the Winter is scheduled for completion in February 2020 and the producers are seeking funding for post-production.  

    Production information:

    ARTikulacija (Montenegro)

    Akcija Film (Serbia)
    Biberche productions (Serbia)

    Director: Ivan Bakrac
    Writer: Ivan Bakrac
    DoP: Dusan Grubin
    Cast: Momcilo Ostasevic, Ana Vuckovic, Petar Buric, Ivona Kustudic, Maja Susa
    Distributor: Arizona Distribution