PRODUCTION: Jan Prušinovský Starts Shooting Czech/Slovak Coproduction Mistakes

    Pavla Gajdošíková in Mistakes by Jan Prušinovský Pavla Gajdošíková in Mistakes by Jan Prušinovský author: Zuzana Lazarová

    PRAGUE: Jan Prušinovský, also known for his successful TV comedy series, has just started shooting his new feature film, the Czech/Slovak coproduction Mistakes / Chyby, in the Czech town of Příbram.

    The film is produced by OFFSIDE MEN, a company which was also behind Prušinovsky’s previous film, the successful The Snake Brothers / Kobry a užovky, winner of the Czech Lion for best film in 2016.

    Slovakia’s Pubres and the Czech Televison are coproducing. The budget of almost 855,000 EUR / 22 m CZK is partially covered by grants from the Czech Film Fund (272,108 EUR / 7 m CZK) and the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

    Mistakes tells the story of Ema, a supermarket assistant, and a roof tiler Tomáš, who fall in love and move together into a village house. Ema shot several porn videos when she was very young, but after meeting her true love she hasn’t done it for a long time. When Tomáš, who only wants to live with her here and now, discovers several internet videos with his beloved lover, everything changes and their lives turn upside down.

    The main characters are played by Pavla Gajdošíková, Jan Jankovský, Ondřej Kokorský and Ivo Gogál.

    The shooting will continue in other Czech cities and will also move to several locations in Slovakia. Falcon will release the film in Czech Republic in the autumn of 2020.

    Production Information:

    Jan Prusinovsky and Pavla Gajdosikova, author: Zuzana LazarovaProducer:
    Offside Men (Czech Republic)
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    Pubres (Slovakia)
    Czech Televison (Czech Republic)

    Director: Jan Prušinovský
    Scriptwriter: Roman Vojkůvka
    DoP: Petr Koblovský
    Cast: Pavla Gajdošíková, Jan Jankovský, Ondřej Kokorský, Ivo Gogál, Jan Kolařík, Eva Hacurová, Marta Dancingerová, Monika Načeva, Kryštof Rímský