FESTIVALS: Zlin Film Festival 2020 Focuses on Science and Technology


    ZLIN: The 60th anniversary edition of the Zlin Film Festival, the world’s oldest festival for children and youth, has announced this year’s theme of Back to the Future, with a focus on the area of science and technology. The festival, which will run 29 May – 6 June 2020, will feature films in three groupings: documentary films on science and technology, live-action films for young audiences and a section devoted to visual film effects.

    The theme builds on the innovations of Zlin filmmaker Karel Zeman, who would turn 110 years old in 2020, and who influenced younger generations of filmmakers employing special effects.

    The festival is accepting submissions through 1 March 2020. The festival has competitions for feature films for children and youth, European debuts on the topic of adolescents, documentary films about children and youths, short animated films, and student films.