PRODUCTION: Robert Hloz in Postproduction with Czech/Slovak/Polish/Serbian Sci-Fi Restore Point

    Restore Point by Robert Hloz Restore Point by Robert Hloz photo: Maxim Stano

    PRAGUE: Czech director/writer Robert Hloz is currently in postproduction with his debut feature, the sci-fi Restore Point / Bod Obnovy, which is a Czech/Slovak/Polish/Serbian coproduction.

    Europe, 2041. After stabilising the economic crisis followed by several terrorist attacks, the Free European Federation issues a new constitutional law that guarantees the citizens “one whole life to live”. Due to new technologies, everyone has the right of recovery in case of an unnatural death. In such a society, an “absolute” murder is nearly impossible. Ambitious detective Emma Trochinowska is assigned to investigate a murder case of a married couple. But the restoration team can bring only one of the spouses back to life.

    “For me sci-fi is appealing because it explores thoughts and ideas mirroring our current etiquette, morality and lifestyle. Although the story happens in the near future, its origins lie in the present situation in Central Europe, reflecting upon a widespread fear that helps governments to take firmer control over these countries. It shows us a possible answer to this fear: more life safety. Yet, does that make people better or worse? I want our film to feel grabbing and entertaining, relying on clever writing rather than on heavy VFX, and packing a punch, resonating with the audience long after they see it”, Robert Hloz told FNE.

    Tomislav Čečka, Robert Hloz and Zdeněk Jecelín penned the script. The main cast includes Andrea Mohylova, Matej Hadek, Vaclav Neuzil and Karel Dobry from the Czech Republic, Milan Ondrik from Slovakia and Katarzyna Zawadska from Poland.

    The film is produced by Jan Kallista through FILM KOLEKTIV (Czech Republic) and coproduced by Rastislav Šesták through DNA production (Slovakia), Stanislaw Dziedzic through Film Produkcja (Poland), Danilo Beckovic through Mali Budo (Serbia) and the Czech Television.

    The project is supported by the Czech Film Fund, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Polish Film Institute and Film Center Serbia.

    The total budget is 1,920,000 EUR / 46,848,000 CZK.

    The project has been selected to world’s four biggest genre coproduction markets: Frontieres, Sitges, HAF and BIFAN, and won Best Pitch Award at the Tallinn Black Nights Market and also Best Project Award at Midpoint Feature Launch 2016.

    Shooting took place from October 2021 to April 2022 throughout 32 shooting days in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

    The estimated date of the film's completion is 2023.

    Born in 1989, Robert Hloz studied film directing in South Korea and at the Faculty of Multimedia Communications – Tomas Bata University in Zlín. He made the short films The Mill (2011), Temporary Consciousness (2014) and Liars (2015).

    Production Information:

    Restore Point by Robert Hloz, photo: Maxim StanoProducer:
    FILM KOLEKTIV (Czech Republic)
    Jan Kallista: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    DNA production (Slovakia)
    Film Produkcja (Poland)
    Mali Budo (Serbia)
    Czech Television (Czech Republic)

    Director: Robert Hloz
    Screenwriters: Tomislav Čečka, Robert Hloz, Zdeněk Jecelín
    DOP: Filip Marek
    Production designer: Ondřej Lipenský
    Cast: Andrea Mohylova, Matej Hadek, Vaclav Neuzil, Milan Ondrik, Karel Dobry, Katarzyna Zawadska, Agata Cervinkova