Sequel to Hit Domestic Nature Doc To Be Released in Czech Republic

    Plante Prague by Jan Hošek Plante Prague by Jan Hošek photo: Aerolims

    PRAGUE: Planet Prague / Planeta Praha by Jan Hošek will be released by Aerofilms in Czech cinemas on 4 August 2022. The nature documentary is a sequel to one of the most successful Czech documentaries Planet Czechia / Planeta Česko by Marian Polak.

    "Four years ago, about 100,000 Czech viewers came to the cinema to be convinced that they don't have to travel to exotic landscapes in search of wilderness. The creators of one of the most historically successful Czech documentaries are now going one step further and telling us: you don't even have to go to the fascinating nature, not even in the forest. Basically, you just have to look out the window, go to the streets or to the park", Jan Nohač from Aerofilms said in a statement.

    The 83-minute documentary is a Czech/Slovak coproduction produced by Radim Procházka through Kuli Film (Czech Republic) in coproduction with Jordi Niubó through i/o post (Czech Republic) and Robert Kirchhoff through Atelier.doc (Slovakia). Věra Krincvajová is the creative producer.

    Planet Czechia / Planeta Česko aka Wilder than Wilderness was theatrically released in 2017. It is currently streaming on Netflix in the Czech Republic and is also available on Amazon, Mubi, AppleTV and dafilms.com.