BOX OFFICE: Czech Film Island Tops Domestic Charts

    Island by Rudolf Havlík Island by Rudolf Havlík credit: Logline Production

    PRAGUE: The adventure rom-com Island / Ostrov from Czech director Rudolf Havlík topped the domestic charts for the two weeks and is currently second with 181,338 admissions and 1,348,750 EUR / 31 958 640 CZK gross.

    The first place was taken by Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantumania by Peyton Reed with 62,678 admissions and 491,028 EUR / 11,634,916 CZK gross in its first weekend.

    Island was released by CinemArt on 2 February 2023 and attracted 61,889 admissions in the first weekend, cashing in 449,913 EUR / 10,660,693 CZK.

    Island was the only film to overrun Avatar: The Way of Water, the most successful film of all time in Czech cinemas according to the box office. James Cameron’s film had 242,758 admissions and 2,020,934 EUR / 47,886,028 CZK gross in the first weekend, and 1,371,144 admissions and 11,800,857 EUR / 279,621,300 CZK gross altogether.

    Island was produced by Petr Erbenand through Logline Production and has FTV Prima as main partner.

    Island is the third most successful film for Rudolf Havlík after What Men Want / Po čem muži touží (2018), which had 94,360 admissions and 593,462 EUR / 14,062,071 CZK gross in the first weekend, and 558,988 admissions and 3,486,831 EUR / 82,620,472 CZK gross altogether, and What Men Want 2 / Po čem muži touží 2 (2022), which had 74,041 admissions and 502,340 EUR / 11,902,947 CZK gross in the opening weekend, and 275,274 total admissions and 1,692,999 EUR / 40,115,601 CZK total gross. Both films were produced by Fénix Film and distributed by CinemArt.

    The last Czech film to top the domestic charts was A Christmas Story / Vánoční příběh, directed by Irena Pavlásková and produced by Europeana Production, with 40,548 admissions in its opening weekend. The film was released by CinemArt on 24 November 2022.