CEE Animation Workshop 2023 Announces Selected Participants


    PRAGUE: Twelve projects in development with 32 participants have been selected for the 5th edition of the CEE Animation Workshop, whose first module will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia 27 February - 4 March 2023.

    Out of 12 projects there are five short animated films, three animated series and four long animated films. The selection committee also selected two career-oriented participants.

    The workshop will consist of four modules, balancing the online and on-site modules, with two on-site weeks in 2023. The programme tailored to the needs of animation creatives will see the selected projects from their early stages to the final developed production package.

    Through expert lectures, moderated discussions, group work and individual consultations, the participants will gain valuable feedback and a chance to expand their knowledge of the animation industry.

    Selected Projects:

    Adam (Germany) Long animated film
    Directed by Ron Segal
    Produced by MovieBrats Pictures

    Ah Cheung (Hong Kong) Long animated film
    Directed by Ka Ue So, Wong Chong
    Produced by Alpha Omega

    Laura (Poland) Long animated film
    Directed by Roza Misztela
    Produced by LeLe Productions

    Ouzkorini (France) Long animated film
    Directed by Michelle Kersevany
    Produced by Special Touch Studios

    Rosie & Sapphire (Hungary) TV series
    Directed by Anna Katalyn Lovrity
    Produced by CUB Animation

    The Girl with Occupied Eyes (Portugal) TV series
    Directed by Ana Catarina Alves
    Produced by Blablabla Media

    Zabavia (Ukraine) TV series
    Directed by Serhiy Mohylnyy
    Produced by UkrKino

    Down in the Dumps (the Netherlands) Short film
    Directed by Vera Van Wolferen
    Produced by Family Affair Films

    Genius Dream (Czech Republic) Short film
    Directed by Martin Buril
    Produced by Nutprodukce

    Granny Summer (Croatia) Short film
    Directed by Paula Skelin
    Produced by Adriatic Animation

    Princess Rose Chafer (Slovenia) Short film
    Directed by Anka Kočevar
    Produced by FintaFilm

    The Apartment (Latvia) Short film
    Directed by Ivo Breidis
    Produced by Atomart

    Career Oriented Participants:

    Agata Jelenkova, producer (Slovakia)

    Przemysław Pilarczyk, producer (Poland)
    WJT / Likaon

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