dok.incubator Workshop 2023 Announces Final Selection


    PRAGUE: Eight documentaries from countries including Hungary and Poland have been selected for dok.incubator Workshop 2023.

    The well-established rough-cut training will bring eight project teams from Europe, Iran, and Bhutan to work together with international editors, producers, and sales representatives.

    For the upcoming eight months their goal is to sharpen their film’s cut, shape its dramaturgy, and create marketing strategy, preparing each film for festival premiere in 2024.

    dok.incubator 2023 Selected Projects:

    5 Pills Away (Poland)
    Directed by Karolina Domagalska
    Produced by MY WAY STUDIO

    Agent of Happiness (Bhutan, Hungary)
    Directed by Arun Bhattarai, Dorottya Zurbo
    Produced by Match Frame Productions Kft

    Just Hear Me Out (Poland)
    Directed by Malgorzata Imielska
    Produced by Kalejdoskop Film Studio

    Mina and the Radio Bandits (Norway)
    Directed by Kari Anne Moe
    Produced by Fuglene

    Nice Ladies (the Netherlands, Ukraine)
    Directed by Mariia Ponomarova
    Produced by Labyrint Film

    Racing Hearts (Sweden)
    Directed by Milla Bergh,
    Produced by Escathon AB

    The Eternal War (Finland, Poland)
    Produced by mnunna Films Ltd

    Zun: An Octopus under My Skin (Iran)
    Directed by Leila Amini
    Produced by Docmaniacs

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