BOX OFFICE: Czech Oscar Candidate Brothers Tops Domestic Charts

    Brothers by Tomáš Mašín Brothers by Tomáš Mašín credit: Zuzana Panská / Cinemart

    PRAGUE: Czech drama Brothers / Bratři by Tomáš Mašín topped the local box office in its first weekend with 38,341 admissions and 272,803 EUR /6,673,617 CZK gross. The film released by Cinemart on 26 October 2023 has been the first Czech film to top the domestic charts in 2023.

    Czech Republic’s candidate for the 96th Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences award in the Best International Feature Film category is based on a true story of brothers Josef (played by Oskar Hes) and Ctirad Mašín (Jan Nedbal), who formed a resistance group in Czechoslovakia during the Cold War. They were responsible for a series of violent acts and thus became the most wanted men in the country. The Mašíns managed to escape to West Berlin, while four other resistance members were caught and executed.

    The director Tomáš Mašín is a distant relative of the Mašín brothers.

    Brothers was produced by FilmBrigade and coproduced by PubRes (Slovakia), Rohfilm Productions (Germany) and the Czech Television.

    The worldwide distributor of the film is The Yellow Affair.

    In comparison, the anticipated Czech/Slovak/Polish/Serbian sci-fi coproduction Restore Point / Bod obnovy by Robert Hloz, released on 21 September 2023, had 23,612 admissions in the first weekend, while the Czech/Slovak coproduction We Have Never Been Modern / Úsvit by Matěj Chlupáček, released on 5 October 2023, had 12,136 admissions during its first weekend.

    Restore Point was produced by FILM KOLEKTIV (Czech Republic) and coproduced by DNA production (Slovakia), Film Produkcja (Poland), Mali Budo (Serbia) and the Czech Television. We Have Never Been Modern was produced by Barletta (Czech Republic) in coproduction with D.N.A (Slovakia).