Edith Sepp-Dallas To Head Estonian Film Institute for Another Five Years

    Edith Sepp-Dallas Edith Sepp-Dallas photo: Anu Hammer - Facebook

    TALLINN: Edith Sepp-Dallas will continue to head the Estonian Film Institute for a new five-year mandate starting 25 March 2018. The decision was taken on 22 November 2017.

    Paavo Nõgene, chair of the EFI Board, explained that during the management of Sepp-Dallas, EFI has done a good job, regardless of the disparate nature of the creative field from time to time. "Representatives of the film industry and the Council considered it essential to ensure continuity and stability both in the EFI and in the development of the film industry as a whole," he said.

    There was a public call for the head of the EFI position and two candidates applied. Edith Sepp-Dallas’ contract would have ended in March 2018.