FESTIVALS: Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event 2017 Awards Announced


    TALLINN:  Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event Awards 2017 were announced on 30 November 2017. Projects and producers from the Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Georgia are among the winners.

    This year a new initiative was launched, Script Pool - a platform for connecting screenwriters and producers with script doctors and other industry specialists.
    Twenty projects were selected for the Co-Production Market. For its 16th edition, the Baltic Event rules and regulations were changed to welcome projects from outside our region of Eastern and Central Europe, Scandinavia, Georgia, Russia and the Ukraine, with projects from elsewhere welcome to apply if they had plans to coproduce with the afore-mentioned territories.


    Baltic Event Co-Production Market Awards:
    Best Project
    Eurimages Co-Production Development Award:
    The Great Bear / Suuri karhu (Finland)
    Directed by Jan Forsström

    Best Pitch:
    Restore Point / Bod Obnovy (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Robert Hloz
    Produced by Film Kolektiv

    Producers Network Prize:
    Adina Dulcu (Romania)
    Bram Sterckx (Belgium )

    Works in Progress Awards:

    The Post Production Award:
    Crystal Swan / Хрусталь (Belarus, Germany, US)
    Directed by Darya Zhuk

    Baltic Event Works in Progress Award:
    Motherland / Gimtine (Lithuania, Latvia)
    Directed by Tomas Vengris
    Produced by Studio Uljana Kim
    Coproduced by Locomotive Productions

    Baltic View Awards:
    International Works in Progress:
    43 (Georgia, Russia)
    Directed by Dimitry Tsintsadze
    Produced by Cinetech Film Production
    Coproduced by Viva Films


    Baltic Event Works in Progress:
    Take It or Leave It / Võta või jäta (Estonia)
    Directed by Liina Trishkina-Vanhatalo
    Produced by Allfilm

    Think of The Music Awards:
    International Works in Progress:
    Amidst the Fog / Entre La Niebla (Colombia, Brazil)
    Directed by Augusto Sandino


    Baltic Event Works in Progress:
    Captain Morten and the Spider Queen / Morten lollide laeval (Estonia, Ireland, Belgium, UK)
    Directed by Kaspar Jancis
    Produced by Nukufilm
    Coproduced by Telegael, Grid VFX

    Script Pool Awards:

    Script Pool Award:
    The Sky Is Pink (India)
    Directed by Shonali Bose

    Storytek Script Pool Prize:
    Bloody Sunday VR (Lithuania)
    Directed by Andrius Lekavicius
    Produced by Gluk Media

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