FESTIVALS: Animist International Animation Festival Ready to Animate Tallinn Screens


    TALLINN: The second edition of the Animist International Animation Festival will screen 104 films of which 49 will be competing in the best short animation and best student animation categories. Held in Tallinn 17-20 August 2022, Animist is the only film festival in Estonia dedicated to animation.

    “In our rapidly infantalising society of emoticons and gifs, we need quality animation more than ever. That's why we created a thought-provoking animation festival”, the director of the festival, animator Priit Tender, told Film New Europe.

    A total of 533 films from 62 countries were submitted.

    The international competition programme will be segmented into six blocks depicting an evolutionary journey from birth to death and rebirth: Animals, Descendants, Bodies, Homes, Demons and Souls.

    Additionally, there are nine special programmes: Estonian New Animation I & II, Ukrainian Special, Panorama, Night Cinema, Animation for Kids, Awarded Films, Children’s Animation Competition, as well films produced by Olivier Catherin, a French producer who is also a member of the international jury.

    Animist Academy will gather lectures, workshops and conversations, which will help open up the creative process of animation and explore its interdisciplinary opportunities. The Animist Academy is run by Animist Tallinn in cooperation with the Animation Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts and Tallinn University's Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology.

    This year’s visual is designed by a Croatian animator living in Estonia, Lucija Mrzljak, and it is inspired by a quote by Oscar Wilde: “Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth”.

    The Animist International Animation Festival is supported by the Estonian Film Institute, the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and theTallinn Culture and Sports Department.



    Polar Bear Bears Boredom (Japan)
    Directed by Koji Yamamura

    Deep Water (Ukraine)
    Directed by Anna Dudko

    Snails` Breakfast (Russia)
    Directed by Eugeniy Fadeyev

    Ten Degrees of Strange (USA, United Kingdom)
    Directed by Lynn Tomlinson

    In the Upper Room (Austria, Hungary)
    Directed by Alexander Gratzer

    Pearl Diver (Norway)
    Directed by Margrethe Danielsen

    Chado (United Kingdom)
    Directed by Dominica Harrison

    The Awakening of the Insects (France)
    Directed by Stephanie Lansaque, Francois Leroy

    Tie (Portugal, France)
    Directed by Alexandra Ramires

    The Debutante (United Kingdom)
    Directed by Elizabeth Hobbs


    Plans for Love (France)
    Directed by Claire Sichez

    Hide (France, Hungary, Canada)
    Directed by Daniel Benjamin Gray

    Two Sisters (France)
    Directed by Anna Budanova

    How I Grew Up (China)
    Directed by Yufei Liu

    The Heart of Betel Nuts (Taiwan)
    Directed by Cheng-Tse Wu

    Thing (Germany)
    Directed by Malte Stein

    Sierra (Estonia)
    Directed by Sander Joon


    A Body (Italy)
    Directed by Milena Tipaldo

    Glazing (USA)
    Directed by Lilli Carré

    Girl in the Water (Taiwan)
    Directed by Shi-Rou Huang

    Silvering (United Kingdom)
    Directed by Eilidh Nicoll

    Epidemia (Estonia)
    Directed by Kristjan Holm

    Drift Through Mirrors (United Kingdom)
    Directed by Stuart Pound

    Mitch Match Series #22 (Hungary)
    Directed by Géza M. Tóth

    Eyes And Horns (Germany, South Korea, USA)
    Directed by Chaerin Im

    Patient’s Mind (China)
    Directed by Zhiheng Wang

    Good Placement of Seeds (China)
    Directed by Xi Chen

    Scale (France, Belgium, Czech Republic)
    Directed byJoseph Pierce

    Hysteresis (Germany)
    Directed Robert Seidel


    Bye Little Block! (Hungary)
    Directed by Éva Darabos

    Sugar Show (Russia)
    Directed by Liana Makaryan

    The Passerby (Belgium, France)
    Directed by Hannah Letaïf

    Great Wall of Poland (Poland)
    Directed by Aga Jarząb

    Baroudeur (Switzerland)
    Directed by Mauro Carraro

    ‘Til We Meet Again (Estonia)
    Directed by Ülo Pikkov

    Of Wood (USA)
    Directed by Owen Klatte

    Loop (Spain, Argentina)
    Directed by Pablo Polledri


    Fall of the Ibis King (Ireland)
    Directed by Mikai Geronimo, Josh O’Caoimh

    The Hangman at Home (Denmark, France, Canada)
    Directed by Michelle and Uri Kranot

    Miracasas (Switzerland, France)
    Directed by Raphaëlle Stolz, Augusto Zanovello

    Colony (USA)
    Directed by Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma

    Blink in the Desert (Japan)
    Directed by Shinobu Soejima

    Krasue (Japan)
    Directed by Ryo Hirano


    Night (Germany, Qatar, Palestine, Jordan)
    Directed by Ahmad Saleh

    Elena (Lithuania, France, Croatia)
    Directed by Birute Sodeikaite

    A Bite of Bone (Japan)
    Directed by Honami Yano

    Noir Soleil (France)
    Directed by Marie Larrivé

    Buried in Europe (Estonia)
    Directed by Hardi Volmer, Urmas Jõemees

    Intermission (Hungary)
    Directed by Réka Bucsi