Estonia Promises to Boost Film Sector

By Martin Aadamsoo

    TALLINN: Estonia's new government has signed a coalition agreement that promises to develop the technical infrastructure of Estonia's film industry and support the distribution of domestic films. The agreement also lays out the goal of increasing access to cinemas in regions that now lack exhibition.

    The agreement pledges to create a children and youth film fund under the Estonian Film Foundation and extend the financial planning cycle of cultural sphere to several years, instead of a current strict one-year budgetary period.

    However, the agreement is careful to avoid any mention of concrete sums earmarked to carry out the programme. The outgoing government had promised to double the amount for financing feature film, but it fell victim to the financial crisis. Interested parties are therefore cautious of the current agreement.

    The new centre-right coalition includes the free-market Reform Party and the conservative IRL. Both were also members of the previous coalition cabinet.