Estonian Comedy Opens Strong

By Martin Aadamsoo

    TALLINN: Cormorants (English title: Farts of Fury), a spoof story of a reunion of a sixties rock band rolled out on 18 March 2011 and scored 10,166 admissions on its opening weekend, an all time 4th best result for Estonia.

    The production had an extensive and long marketing campaign, with the fake band playing during the nation's music awards gala and a song from the sound-track making it onto public broadcaster's video chart show. The film includes a string of local celebrity cameos, a trademark move by the directing duo. Much of the marketing push was undertaken by the film's co-directors Andres Maimik and Rain Tolk.

    The film will next go to Estonian VoD network Elion and eventually will be aired by the country's public broadcaster ETV, which co-financed the project. With most of the attention paid to domestic marketing, there is no international sales agent on board yet.

    The budget of the film is reported as a modest 450,00 EUR.



    Original title: Kormoranid

    Directors: Andres Maimik, Rain Tolk

    Script: Andres Maimik, Rain Tolk

    DoP: Mait Mäekivi

    Original score: Sten Sheripov

    Producer Kaspar Kaljas, Kuukulgur Film

    Principal cast:

    Guido Kangur, Roman Baskin, Harry Kõrvits, Enn Klooren, Jüri Vlassov, Elina Pählimägi, Ester Pajusoo, Ene Järvis.

    Length: 115 min