Day and Date Release for American Burger

    Day and Date Release for American Burger American Burger

    American Burger, a horror comedy about American student on a bus trip through Europe by first time directors Bonita Drake & Johan Bromander, will have a global multi-platform day-and-date release in fall 2013.

    The film will be available in its original English language version with subtitling in several languages.

    Producer Anna G Magnusdottir of LittleBig Productions said, “We believe the time is right for a distribution that is adjusted to the wishes and demands of the film lovers out there.  The audience is a powerful driving force and we strongly believe that this model will accommodate their wish and proof it’s the way to go in future distribution.”

    "Having followed the distribution of Iron Sky, another fan-driven, Internet-active film, I'm bound to believe that a day-and-date release for such films, like American Burger, where worldwide Internet audience can have an access to the film as soon as possible in the best possible quality, without the hindrance of DRM, is the best strategy," said Timo Vuorensola of the Finnish company Iron Sky.