Georgian Seagull Gets Eurimages Funds

By FNE Staff

    TBILISI: Seagull / Chaika, a coproduction between Georgia, Spain, France and Russia, received a grant of 210,000 euros from Eurimages. The feature film is produced with 20% of its funding from Georgia.

    The film received a grant of 110,000 euros from the Georgian National Film Center in early 2011.

    Seagull is directed by Miguel Angel Jiménez, and coproduced by Spain Kinoskopik (Spain), Georgia's Cinetech (ka-ge.facebook.com/pages/Cinetech-Georgia/252577048102066),Eaus Vives (France) and Ibrus (Russia).

    Contact Information:


    2 Brothers Kakabadze str.

    0108 Tbilisi, Georgia

    Telephone: +995 322 168 101

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