Georgia Announces Documentary Grants

By FNE Staff

    Seven short and full-length documentary projects will receive funding from the Georgian National Film Center.

    The films receiving funding are:

    1. English Teacher - Producer: Artefact Production Ltd., directors: Ivane Arsenishvili, Nino Orjonikidze), length: 60 minutes. Amount of grant: 25 000 GEL.

    A young teacher of English arrives in a traditional Georgian village to implement "linguistic revolution"... This fim is a story of a small village in expectation of great changes.

    1. Madonna - Producer: LibGe, director: Nino Gogua), length: 60 minutes. Amount of grant: 50 000 GEL.

    This is a story of a sole female bus-driver in Georgia.

    1. Totalizator Psychosis - Producer: Gogo Lab Ltd., director: Konstantine Esadze, length: 52 minutes. Amount of grant: 35 000 GEL.

    The totalizator boom has deeply penetrated into the psyche of the society. The film reflects the contrast between winning and losing, hope and despair.

    1. See you in Chechnya - Producer: Studia Lokokina Ltd., director: Alexandre Kvatashidze, length: 90 minutes. Amount of grant: 40 000 GEL.

    The Crossroads of Chechnya tells about the unique life of war reporters. It describes the motivation of representatives of this profession, modern heroes dealing with war, death and tragic events.

    1. Jail Confessions - Producer: Kino Iberika Ltd., director: Levan Koghuashvili, length: 70 minutes. Amount of grant: 40 000 GEL.

    The film reflects the lives of a young priest and his congregation of prisoners in contemporary Georgian jails.

    6. Ramaz Chkhikvadze - Producer: Saba Amirejibi, director: Alexandre Rekhviashvili, length 80 minutes. Amount of grant: 30 000 GEL;

    The aim of the film is to retain the live image of Ramaz Chkhikvadze and to underline his role and importance for Georgian theater and cinema.

    7. Library - Producer Mochhous Film, director: Ana Tsimintia, length: 52 minutes. Amount of grant: 30 000 GEL;

    An old three-storey building is located in the center of Zugdidid. The library is a painted façade, imposed function, delusive activity. The library plays the unsatisfactory role of a modernized "community". Devoid of function, it hides behind the microcosm. Beyond it, there is complete emptiness and the solitude of people who have suffered ugly transformation.