Georgian-Turkish Co-Prod Sessions Highlight Batumi Fest


    BATUMI: The eighth edition of the Batumi art-house fest (BIAFF), running 15-22 September, will host talks by key players for its industry panel on paving the way for more Georgian-Turkish co-productions.

    Aimed at improving cooperation and networking between Turkish producers and Georgian directors and producers, the sessions will consider key elements to boosting joint film projects. Talks will cover production financing, the co-production process in Turkey and Georgia, financial remedies, opportunities, cooperation and the element of European co-productions.

    BIAFF is committed to making this event an annual fixture, developing relationships with supporters and funds to development the platform. Future editions may include presentations of works in progress, among other elements, organizers said.

    The BIAFF industry meeting was launched in 2011-2012 with support from the Georgian National Film Center, with participation from the European Film Academy, the H. Balls fund of the Rotterdam fest, EAVE, the Polish Film Institute, the Wajda School and Polish and Turkish industry backers.