Emmy Winner to Finish Documentary in Georgia

    Devout by James Higginson Devout by James Higginson

    TBILISI: Emmy winner, American director and artist James Higginson, is about to finish his documentary Devout about  Georgian monks. He also plans to shoot an experimental feature, The Road to Batumi, in Georgia.

    "Devout is a journey to Dzama gorge monasteries, observing the life of young and old monks. In short, this is a story about faith," the director told georgianjournal.ge. Shooting took place in the monasteries of the Urbnisi Eparchy, a region with the largest concentrated number of monasteries in Georgia, whose original construction dates back to the 11th century.

    James Higginson started to work at this project in 2012 and he is producing through AVONBIEHL UG Berlin. Slawomir Zienowicz is associate producer. A funding campaign is open on the website of the project, http://devoutmovie.com.