Dede on Air France Flights

    Dede by Mariam Khatchvani Dede by Mariam Khatchvani

    TBILISI: Mariam Khatchvani’s Dede will be screened on Air France flights, reaching millions of passengers.

    Dede, a coproduction between Georgia, Qatar, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Croatia, won the Special Jury Prize in the East of the West competition at the 2017 Karlovy Vary IFF and the Cultural Diversity Award at the 2017 Pacific Screen Awards (APSA).

    The film was produced by 20 Steps in coproduction with Film and Music Entertainment, MP Film Production, Montauk Film Production and JaJa Film Productions. It was supported by the Doha Film Institute and the Georgian National Film Centre.

    Air France had nearly 100 million passengers in 2017.