PRODUCTION: Georgian Director Aleksandre Rekhviashvili in Postproduction with Reviving the Past

    Reviving the Past by Aleksandre Rekhviashvili Reviving the Past by Aleksandre Rekhviashvili

    TBILISI: Georgian director Aleksandre Rekhviashvili is in postproduction with Reviving the Past, a long documentary that he's shot in Georgia since 2017, when he made the documentary Chubchik Puppets And Etc (produced by Rati Rekhviashvili).

    Reviving the Past focuses on the famous Georgian painter of the 20th century Jibson Khundadze, whose generation completed the XXth century's artistic discoveries in the history of Georgian culture. The film will not only show Jibson Khundadze's life and creativity but also the everyday reality of that time, giving us the atmosphere of the time in which he worked.

    „The aim of the film is to preserve the living reality which follows the past and which is lost. Keeping this reality as a union between past and future is one of the main purposes of documentary cinema, especially in Georgia“, Rati Rekhviashvili told FNE.

    Reviving the Past received a production grant of 13,833 EUR / 41,500 GEL from the Georgian National Film Center in 2018. The total budget is 18,500 EUR / 55,500 GEL. The film is produced by Rati Rekhviashvili.

    Shooting took place in Tbilisi in 2002. The filming resumed and finally ended in 2019. The premiere is planned for the Film Academy Hall in 2019.

    The director/writer Aleksandre Rekhviashvili was born in 1938 in Moscow and is known for his feature films Green Meadow (1974), The 19th Century Georgian Chronicle (1979), The Way Home (1981), The Step (1986) and Coming Closer (1989, all of them produced by Georgian Film). He has also made the documentaries: Russian Palestine (2000, produced by AMA), Igor Sanovich, Outlines For Portrait (2008, produced by ‘Independent Film Project’ film studio) and Ramaz Chkhikvadze (2015, produced by Rati Rekhviashvili, Gia Bazghadze and Konstantine Luziniani).

    Production Information:

    Rati Rekhviashvili (Georgia)
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    Director: Aleksandre Rekhviashvili
    Scriptwriter: Aleksandre Rekhviashvili
    DoPs: Paata Kereselidze, Saba Amirejibi