PRODUCTION: Georgian Doc And the Others in Postproduction

    And the Others by David Gurgulia And the Others by David Gurgulia

    TBILISI: Georgian director David Gurgulia is in postproduction with And the Others, a long documentary that he's shot in Georgia since 2017. Gurgulia previously made the short feature film Dialect (produced by Giorgi Tetiashvili), which had its International Premiere as part of European Film Promotion’s Future Frames, at the 2018 edition of Karlovy Vary.

    And The Others explores the difficulties of life in depopulated mountains. Despite the hardships, small glimpses of hope arise as the descendants of deported Georgian highlanders start to resettle alpine ghost-villages, abandoned during the Soviet repression.

    ‘’The Khevsurs are never mentioned in the long list of ethnic groups repressed during Stalin's regime. Their struggle for freedom is literary lost in a phrase "and others...". The film tells a tale about a unique group of Highlanders and their problems, rooted in the early 20th century. The issues tackled in the film are universal and especially relevant for post-soviet union countries... but the story is told, with a flavour suitable for the mysterious Caucasus mountains and its melancholic inhabitants,“ Gurgulia told FNE.

    The film produced by Studio123 received a production grant of 14,666 EUR / 44,000 GEL from the Georgian National Film Center in 2018 and it is also supported by the TVP with 35,000 EUR / 105,000 GEL and technically supported by Silk Factory Studio. The total budget is 49,666 EUR / 148,998 GEL.

    Shooting took place in the Eastern Georgian region of Khevsureti and in Shiraki Plain in 2018. Filming will be resumed when the road is open in the high mountainous Khevsureti in 2019. The premiere is planned for the autumn of 2019, but the premiere's location is still unknown.

    Production Information:

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    Director: David Gurgulia
    Scriptwriter: David Gurgulia
    DoPs: Gorgaslan Khaindrava