PRODUCTION: Georgia’s The Pig in Postproduction

    The Pig by Giga Liklikadze The Pig by Giga Liklikadze

    TBILISI: Georgian writer/director Giga Liklikadze is in postproduction with The Pig, his low-budget debut feature film shot in October 2017.

    The Pig is the story of Bachana, a young man who, after being rejected from mandatory military service, misses his bus home and becomes lost in a field. Being very hungry, he starts eating blackberries in the bushes and follows a path which leads him to his kidnappers. The kidnappers demand 300 GEL (100 EUR). Having no money Bachana’s family hopes to exchange him for a pig. After three days of staying with his kidnappers, Bachana no longer wants to go home.

    The Pig is a debut full-length feature film of young talented director Giga Liklikadze and a project that was financed by the National Film Center for producing a low budget full-length feature film,“ Lika Mezvrishvili, Head of International Business Development at the production company Sarke Studio, told FNE.

    The main characters are played by Makho Khutsishvili, Temo Goginava and Nika Gozalovi.

    The film is produced by Irakli Chikvaidze through Sarke Studio. It received a production grant of 30,000 EUR / 90,000 GEL from the Georgian National Film Center in 2017 and they also financed the film's postproduction with 12,333 EUR / 37,000 GEL. The total budget is 42,000 EUR / 127,000 GEL.

    Principal photography took place in the village of Kvemo Khandaki (Kaspi). The premiere is planned for later in 2019.

    „Even though the main activity of Sarke Studio is to attract and provide full-scale production services to foreign film projects, we are always open to the opportunity of supporting young and talented Georgian filmmakers. It is important for us to encourage creative young people in the industry since we believe that the new wave of gifted filmmakers positively reflects on the development of Georgian film industry,“ Mezvrishvili told FNE.

    Production Information:

    The Pig by Giga Liklikadze ShootingProducer:
    Sarke Studio (Georgian Film Investment Group - affiliate of Sarke Studio) (Georgia)
    Lika Mezvrishvili – Head of International Business Development
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Giga Liklikadze
    Scriptwriters: Giga Liklikadze
    DoP: Shalva Sokurashvili
    Producer: Irakli Chikvaidze
    Cast:  Makho Khutsishvili, Temo Goginava and Nika Gozalovi.