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PRODUCTION: Levan Tutberidze Shoots Georgian/Dutch The Resting Samurai Featured

The Resting Samurai by Levan Tutberidze The Resting Samurai by Levan Tutberidze

TBILISI: Georgian film director Levan Tutberidze has started shooting his new feature film The Resting Samurai as a coproduction of Georgia and the Netherlands.

The story takes place in the socially tangled Tbilisi City during a period of 24 hours. A well-off family has everything perfectly tuned, even their adultery. Tamuna, a busy woman about to leave for London and spend a few days with her lover, tries to solve all the family issues before the departure. She has to welcome home her husband Nika, a successful doctor just arriving from a symposium, and get a plane ticket for her lover Gia, who is a failed film director and a friend of their family. She also has to see her 21-year-old rugby player son off to France. Koka is a cheerful, open-hearted student of Fine Arts Academy, who has just been accepted to a French rugby team.   

Parallel to these events an old and lost friend of Tamuna and Nika, Zaza, a well-known thief, returns to the city as if to ruin the well-tuned "goodness" of the family. In reality the only thing he wants is to steal a rare Netsuke Statue (a small Japanese bone statue depicting an exhausted Samurai after a battle). He remembers that in their childhood Nika's father had this exact statue on his cabinet shelf, but he's only just become aware of its real price. With his hidden perfidy the thief Zaza tries to fool his naïve friend Gia and steal the Netsuke Statue. 

The main characters are played by Nino Kasradze, Temiko Chichinadze, Datuna Gotsiridze, Zuka Papuashvili, Natalia Kuloshvili and Zaza Magalashvili.

The film is produced by the Georgian company Alamdary Films. The producers are Nino Devdariani, Noshre Chkhaidze and Levan Tutberidze. The project is coproduced with Windmill Film’s Annemiek van der Hell (Netherlands) and supported by the Georgian National Film Centre with EUR 132,000 / GEL 400,000, Georgian Public Broadcaster, UPP (Czech Republic) and Silk Factory Studio (Georgia). Alamdary Films is providing additional in-kind contribution including technical and overall support.

"We are delighted to work on this wonderful script by two great Georgian screenwriters. Shooting has commenced successfully and we hope to continue the same way,“ Nino Devdariani told to FNE.

The shooting, taking place in Tbilisi, began on 26 September and is scheduled to finish on 28 October, 2019. Post-production will last up to one year and is expected to be completed in 2020. The date and place of the premiere has not been announced.

Production Information:

The Resting Samurai by Levan TutberidzeProducer:
Alamdary Films (Georgia)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Director: Levan Tutberidze
Screenplay: Aka Morchiladze, Levan Tutberidze
DoP: Mindia Esadze
Cast: Nino Kasradze, Temiko Chichinadze, Datuna Gotsiridze, Zuka Papuashvili, Natalia Kuloshvili and Zaza Magalashvili.


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