PRODUCTION: Georgian Director Giorgi Mukhadze Preps When You Are 17

    When You Are 17 by Giorgi Mukhadze When You Are 17 by Giorgi Mukhadze

    TBILISI: Georgian writer/director Giorgi Mukhadze is currently in preproduction with his debut feature When You Are 17. Shooting is scheduled for August 2020.

    Romantic affection of a 17-year old boy takes a dark turn as he wanders through the ghetto of Tbilisi with his drug-dealer friend, discovering the bittersweet taste of life. 

    „This is a story about 17 year old Amo, who was my classmate and neighbour. About Amo, who was unjustly punished by the police and whose father was killed by the civil war. About Amo, who is ridiculed, because he is Kurd. About Amo, born in the Tbilisi ghetto and who is unable to escape the black and white Soviet buildings. About Amo, whose friends have been locked up in prisons for several grams of drugs. About Amo, whose mother is trying to get her son out of the danger of the ghetto but fails. About Amo, whose classmate was raped. About Amo, who strolls through the labyrinths of the endangered area every day. About Amo, who really only wanted to be in the water, swim and face the sun“, Mukhadze told FNE.

    Nato Sikharulidze and Giorgi Kobalia are producing through Terra Incognita Films, with a production grant of 66,666 EUR / 200,000 GEL from the Georgian National Film Center .The project is also supported by Terra Incognita Films in full technical support and the investment of authors. The total budget is 317,000 EUR / 1,014,400 GEL. International coproducers are welcome.

    Principal photography will take place in Tbilisi in July-August 2020. The date of the premiere is yet unknown as it depends on festival selections.  

    Giorgi Mukhadze graduated in film direction from the Shota Rustaveli Theater and Film Georgia State University and has made two short films, Waiting for Ana (2016) and Summer (2018). He has also worked as an assistant director and screenwriter for several production companies.

    Production Information:

    Terra Incognita Films (Georgia)
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    Director: Giorgi Mukhadze
    Scriptwriter: Giorgi Mukhadze
    DoP: Dimitri (Dito) Dekanosidze
    Cast: tba