PRODUCTION: Georgian Director Merab Kokochashvili in Production with Terzo Mondo

    Terzo Mondo by Merab Kokochashvili Terzo Mondo by Merab Kokochashvili

    TBILISI: The venerated Georgian film director Merab Kokochashvili is currently in production with his feature film Terzo Mondo. His 1967 film Great Green Valley / Didi Mcvane Veli (1967) is one of the most prominent films in the Georgian cinema, in which the content and form are uniquely matched.

    Natia, Aka, and Mojito are childhood friends. Aka and Mojito are in love with Natia. She seems to take a liking to Aka. During the civil war in Tbilisi, Aka and Mojito end up in opposite camps: Aka in the opposition and Mojito on the side of the president. Mojito calls Aka and warns him about the dim light in his room making him a sitting duck for a sniper. That night, a sniper’s bullet fired by Mojito’s troops flies into Aka’s bedroom and claims Natia’s life.

    As Mojito, his associates, and even the president attend the funeral visitation, the confrontation between the two friends seems to come to an end. Aka and Mojito reconcile for the time being. After the war, Mojito emigrates to Europe: Germany, Austria, Spain, countries where Georgians usually fled in the 1990’s. The men reminisce their childhood repeatedly and flashback scenes depict a beautiful canyon in Georgia where they spent their childhood.

    The lead roles are played by Levan Tsuladze, Duta Skhirtladze and Keta Shatirishvili.

    The film is produced by Khatuna Khundadze through Georgian Film and supported by Arri Media International from Germany. It received a production grant of 90,900 EUR / 300,000 GEL from the Georgian National Film Center in 2018. The total budget is 90,900 EUR / 300,000 GEL.

    The Georgian Film Studio is one of the oldest in the post-Soviet countries. The studio’s archives boast 120,000 boxes of film. The studio has been granted ISO citification twice, to maintain, conserve and restore the films, and the company’s costume, prop, and weapon storage facilities preserve unique historical items and costumes. The studio has participated in 350 international film festivals, garnering over 200 awards, including the Palm d’Or at the Cannes Festival, and the Oberhausen Grand Prix.

    "The script is based on Aka Morchiladze’s short story inspired by true events. Aka Morchiladze is the holder of 6 Saba Awards, the main Georgian literary accolade. The film will feature Kechakmadze’s choir music performed by the Gori Women’s Choir consisting of singers of different generations led by Conductor Teona Tsiramua. The Gori Women’s Choir has risen to international prominence after two records with Katie Melua and a recent world tour,” Khatuna Khundadze told FNE.

    Principal photography took place in Gudauri, Khada in September and October 2019 and in Tbilisi in February 2020.

    “Covid-19 has stopped both the filming and coproduction with a foreign company, and we are currently in the process of looking for additional funding. We plan to continue shooting in August and September 2020 in Tbilisi and in October 2020 in Germany. The premiere of the film is expected in 2021,“ Khundadze told FNE.

    Kokochashvili, now 85 years old, has directed 21 feature films and documentaries, winning numerous awards. In 2017 his film The Great Green Valley / Didi Mcvane Veli was restored and premiered in the Arsenal Cinema, Berlin. In 1997, the Pesaro Film Festival hailed The Great Green Valley as one of 100 most innovative films of the 20th century.

    Production Information:

    Terzo Mondo by Merab KokochashviliProducer:
    Khatuna Khundadze (Georgia)
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Merab Kokochashvili
    Scriptwriters: Merab Kokochashvili (the short story by Aka Morchiladze)
    DoP: Davit Gujabidze
    Producers: Khatuna Khundadze
    Cast: Keta Shatirishvili, Levan Tsuladze, Duta Skhirtladze, Lile Lehmann, Andria Tokhadze, Givi Khakhidze, Tamta Inashvili, Grisho Zhordania and Guri Pochkhua