PRODUCTION: Veteran Georgian Director Akaki Shanshiashvili Preps Winter’s Sorrow

    Winter’s Sorrow by Akaki Shanshiashvili Winter’s Sorrow by Akaki Shanshiashvili

    TBILISI: Georgian director Akaki Shanshiashvili is currently in preproduction with the feature film Winter's Sorrow, based on the novels of famous Georgian writer Revaz Inanishvili. The film is produced by Vako Kirkitadze and Nikoloz Gugushvili through Film Asylum.

    In a small Georgian farm community, 12-year-old Totia lives with his mother, misses his dead father and observes daily life. He is surrounded by hardworking people who decided to be cast away from the modern world years ago. However, near their farm, a new bridge is constructed. The outer world slowly starts to invade the routine of these innocent, hardworking people. Constant robberies, threats, mental stres and sexual violence force the farm people to forget their dreams, and start their life elsewhere.

    "Film Asylum is a company made by fellow filmmakers, working together for almost 15 years. Film Asylum is a big family of great storytellers, and we treat every single project with affectionate motivation. This project is our passion project for several reasons: It's based on the novels of a very famous Georgian writer; writer-director Akaki Shanshiasvili made a very poetic and visually driven script that creates a unique, very exotic atmosphere, introducing characters and places we have never seen before. Moreover, Akaki Shanshishvili represents the "golden age generation" of Georgian Cinema. His last feature film, The Road to Chalauri, was widely acclaimed and well-received by Georgian and international audiences. Unfortunately, the collapse of the Georgian Film Studio and the political situation in the country has cast many talented filmmakers away. Akaki has never received support to make another film. However, he never stopped working on this script, rewriting and editing it to perfection. Akaki decided to share the script with us, we immediately fell in love with the story and infused fresh young energy into the project," Vako Kirkitadze told FNE.

    The project received a production grant of 145,000 EUR / 499,888 GEL from the Georgian National Film Center in 2020. It is also supported by Film Asylum with 120,000 EUR in full technical support and the investment of producers. The producers are looking for 120,000 EUR from additional partners and coproducers.

    "Currently, we are in pre-production, seeking locations, casting, and fundraising. The film will premiere at the end of 2021. As for production, we will plan according to the epidemic situation in Georgia", Kirtikadze told FNE.

    Shanshiashvili is the director of Nadiroba (1983), Menakhire (1984), Peitari (1988), Road to Chalauri / Gza Chalaurisaken (1994) and Tedo (2005).

    Production Information:
    Winters Sorrow by Akaki ShanshiashviliFilm Asylum
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    Director: Akaki Shanshiashvili
    Script is based: Revaz Inanishvili
    Producer: Vako Kirkitadze, Nikoloz Gugushvili
    Production Company: Film Asylum