PRODUCTION: Georgian Director Tornike Bziava In Production with Higher Up Is Tazo

    Higher Up Is Tazo by Tornike Bziava Higher Up Is Tazo by Tornike Bziava

    TBILISI: Georgian director Tornike Bziava is currently completing production on his long documentary Higher up is Tazo. The first shoot took place in Tbilisi in August 2017. The project is funded by the GNFC and the producer/cinematographer is Elia Pharsadanishvili. Filming is in the final stages and the premiere of the film is expected in 2021.

    Tazo, a boy in transition age living in a village, is in the process of self-determination. The father tries to get his son to follow a modern urban lifestyle, while Tazo is attracted to living in harmony with nature in the mountains.

    The visual character of the film will be observational. The authors' mission is to reflect the rural environment, nature, daily work of the characters with the dynamics of the slow rhythm of the camera, so as not to violate the authentic sense of time of the routine. The mostly hidden camera functions as a keen eye and, at the same time, is focused on sensitive details.

    "Tazo follows a steep path along a high mountain. There is a huge gorge next to it. He is holding a roasted stick in his hand. Tazo follows the road unperturbed. It seems that he knows this way by heart and does not even walk in the middle of the road. The steep road leads to the edge. Fog can be seen in the sky above the village. Tsiala (Grandma) happily meets him at home. Tazo first looks around the yard, then inquires about the horse that had been on the pasture. He mounts his horse and goes to look for the other horse; he can't find it near the houses and climbs the mountain to check by the lakes; he still can't find the horse. He then ties his horse to a tree and enters the forest to continue his search," Tornike Bziava told FNE.

    The film is produced and shot by Ilia Pharsadinashvili through the Georgian company Cinema Storm Studio (C.S.S). The project was supported by the Georgian National Film Center with 12,788 EUR / 44,760 GEL in 2020. C.S.S’s official representative Elia Pharsadanishvili confirmed that they participated in the project of the documentary for 25 days providing the film crew with the necessary equipment during the shoot, and in editing work for 40 days. In total, the company's contribution to the project is 7,400 EUR.

    "When the film's director Tornike Bziava informed me about the character and I was offered a job as the director of photography, I was immediately intrigued by the project. In stark contrast to modern-day humans, the leading character of the film has had an opportunity to maintain and strengthen this bond from the very first days of his life. There’s nothing more significant for him, neither modern technological advance nor a seemingly comfortable and financially secured lifestyle, than nature that has been his cradle in both a literal and figurative sense", Elia Pharsadanashvili told FNE.

    The production team is seeking a coproducing partner and a sales agent.

    Tornike Bziava has been making experimental and short films for over a decade. His films have been screened and awarded at many international and A class festivals. He's had several leads in long features which were screened at Venice and Berlin. His most recent short film Fishing (2018) was awarded at the Clermont-Ferrand and Tbilisi International Film Festival.

    Production Information:

    C.S.S (Georgia)
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    Director and Screenwriter: Tornike Bziava
    Producer and DOP: Elia Pharsadanishvili
    Associate producer and assistant director: Elisabed Kalandadze
    Assistant producer:  Sali Chokheli
    Editor: Alexander Baev