PRODUCTION: Georgian Director Nika Tsiklauri In Production With The Five Views Of The Caucasus

    The Five Views of the Caucasus by Nika Tsiklauri The Five Views of the Caucasus by Nika Tsiklauri

    TBILISI: Georgian film director Nika Tsiklauri is currently in production with his long documentary The Five Views of the Caucasus, a 90 minute documentary film on the topics of culture, science, conservation and human stories.

    The shooting started in July 2020 in Georgia. The project is funded by the GNFC and produced by Nika Tsiklauri through the Georgian company Eco Films.

    The Five Views of the Caucasus takes us to the mountains and shows us their inhabitants and their ways by joining together five different stories. By implementing parallel editing, it shows the developments of: a team of glaciologists conquering the glacier; shepherds trying to pass the snowy ridge with their flocks; a mountain goat hunt for scientific exploration; a fight to prevent mountain destruction; and mountain wildlife trying to survive at high altitudes. Together they show the diversity, value, and importance of the Caucasus mountains.

    “Being a keen mountaineer all my life I’ve been observing and studying how people perceive the mountains. Some see them as an image of the sacred and pure, some as entertainment, for others it’s an income source. It’s also a place to live for its inhabitants, be they human or wildlife. And there is a huge dose of personal touch to it – one could hardly find two people feeling the same about mountains. The same goes for me – there are many subjects regarding the mountains I would like to talk about. So, I have decided to join several stories together, using a big canvas and making a large-scale picture of the Caucasus. This way I can enjoy the view from several points at the same time", Nika Tsiklauri told FNE.

    "We won the Georgian National Film Center's (GNFC) competition with this script and got initial funding of some 44,571 EUR /156 000 GEL In 2020, which is sufficient to begin with the production alongside with Eco Films contribution of 16,000 EUR / 56 146 GEL and newly received financial support of our longtime and devoted partner organisation, the Caucasus Nature Fund (CNF), of 20,000 EUR / 70 000 GEL, but absolutely not enough to complete the film, so we continue fundraising", Teona Chakvetadze, production manager, told FNE.

    The total budget is 80,571 EUR / 282,146 GEL.

    Postproduction is scheduled from September 2021 to February 2022. The film is scheduled to premiere in the spring of 2022.

    Nika (Nikoloz) Tsiklauri’s documentary Jara won the Golden Green Award 2018 at the Deauville Green Awards International Film Festival for the best production in the category of Sustainable Agriculture.

    Production Information:

    Eco Films
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    Director/Producer: Nika Tsiklauri
    DOP: Giorgi Vatsadze 
    Camera AC:  Erekle Sologhashvili  
    Wildlife footage: Nika Tsiklauri
    Production Manager: Teona Chakvetadze 
    Editor: Elene Asatiani 
    Color Grading: Niko Tarielashvili 
    Sound: Niko Tarielashvili