The EWA Female Talent Award at DOK Leipzig goes to Ever Since I Know Myself by Maka Gogaladze


    Since 2016 EWA Network has supported strong documentary projects at DOK Leipzig Co-production market. From 2019 on, the award goes to a project in the CIRCLE DOC accelerator selection.

    The jury composed by Tamara Tatishvili (EWA Network), Brigid O'Shea (DOK Industry) Vladan Petrović and Aleksandar Govedarica has resolved that:

    The EWA Female Talent Award goes to a project that combines the historical and the personal in a uniquely artistic way, focusing on the relation between its timely topics from a decidedly female perspective: Ever Since I Know Myself by Maka Gogaladze from Georgia.

    Through this award, the European Women’s Audiovisual Network encourages the development of women's projects. Last year honoree, Alina Gorlova, will have the world premiere of This Rain will Never Stop in IDFA.