PRODUCTION: Georgian Director Gela Kandelaki in Production With The Thought

    The Thought by Gela Kandelaki The Thought by Gela Kandelaki

    TBILISI: The notable Georgian film and theatre director and producer Gela Kandelaki is currently in production with his documentary film The Thought. The first shoot took place in 2011-2012 in Georgia. Additional funds are needed to complete the filming and final editing. The project is funded by the GNFC and produced by Kvali XXI.

    The film is a companion piece to The Village, which won the Grand Prize at France’s Intercultural IFF and which is set on Georgia’s very small point of access to the Black and Caspian Seas.

    "The film-dialogue consists of two films that are stylistically different from each other at first glance. The first film is purely documentary material in its organic form, while the second film consists of about 80% of documentary material … with the remaining 20% consisting of animation, ballet miniatures, feature film and theatrical performance," Gela Kandelaki told FNE.

    The film is produced by the Georgian film studio Kvali XXI. The project was supported by the Georgian National Film Center with 30,000 EUR and by Kvali XXI and Filmcenter “Georgian Film-Abkhazeti" with equipment and human resources. The total budget is 120,000 EUR / 480,000 GEL.

    Principal photography started in 2011, and the next shoot took place in the mountainous regions of Georgia in 2012. The production team is seeking a coproducing partner and a sales agent.

    Gela Kandelaki was born in 1940 in Tbilisi. He starred in Otar Ioseliani's masterpiece Once Upon a Time There Was a Singing Blackbird (1970). Kandelaki is the director of films: Football Without a Ball (1969), Trouble (1980), A bolond gránátalmafa (1999), 0,047 % of Land (2008).

    Production Information:

    The Thought by Gela KandelakiKvaliXXI
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    Director: Gela Kandelaki
    Producer: Gela Kandelaki
    Production Company: KvaliXXI
    Screenwriters: Gela Kandelaki
    DoP: Orest Todua