FNE at Tbilisi IFF 2021: Winter Blues

    Winter Blues by Tamaz Narimanidze Winter Blues by Tamaz Narimanidze

    TBILISI: Georgian writer/director Tamaz (Tazo) Narimanidze’s debut feature Winter Blues, screens in the main competition of the 21st edition of the Tbilisi International Film Festival, which opened in an online format on 30 November 2020 and runs through 20 December 2021. The films will be screened on the online platform Festival Scope and will be free for the public.

    The film follows a young writer, who is retreating from life after a tragedy, as he questions the universe by writing short notes for his novel and trying to put his life together. However, his quiet vacation is disturbed by a young bohemian girl, who makes his life even more complicated than it was.

    The lead roles are played by Anastasia Chanturia and Giga Datiashvili.

    The film was produced by Vako Kirkitadze and Nika Gugushvili through Film Asylum and it received a production grant of 31,780 EUR / 90,000 GEL from the Georgian National Film Center (GNFC) in 2016. It is also supported by Film Asylum with 100,000 EUR / 320,000 GEL in full technical and financial support. The total budget is 135,000 EUR / 432,000 GEL.

    „Tamaz Narimanidze wrote a novel and we decided to make a no budget film based on it, without any additional parties, investors or commitments. We started developing the script, we did the casting and we looked for locations when suddenly the GNFC announced a competition for micro budget films. So we extended the rehearsals with the actors, followed by very few takes, we relied on natural light when possible, we did observational fluid long shots to establish characters and their relationships. It was really wonderful to see the trio of great filmmakers Guri Goliadze (DoP), Tamaz (Tazo) Narimanidze (director) and Kote Jafaridze (production designer), as they were creating a mesmerising piece of cinema,” Vako Kirkitadze told FNE.

    Principal photography took place in Tbilisi and Racha in September 2019.

    Tamaz Narimanidze was born in a family of actors and has made several short films, including The Open Windows of the City. He has worked as a director for the TV. Many of his short stories were published in leading Georgian magazines.

    Production Information:

    Film Asylum (Georgia)
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    Director: Tamaz Narimanidze
    Scriptwriter: Tamaz Narimanidze
    DoP: Guri Goliadze
    Cast: Anastasia Chanturia, Giga Datiashvili
    Production designer: Kote Japaridze