Admissions in Georgia Show Increase in 2021


    TBILISI: Admissions to domestic films increased in Georgia from 2,000 in 2020 to approximately 10,000 in 2021, while total admissions increased from 230,160 in 2020 to approximately 560,000 in 2021.

    Brighton 4th by Levan Koguashvili

    A total of 119 titles were theatrically released in 2021, compared to 67 in 2020.

    "COVID-19 has affected the cinema exhibition in Georgia in the most severe ways. The cinemas were closed for the better part of 2020. The last film had been screened on 16 March 2020 and the doors did not open until 8 April. It is difficult to compare 2020 with 2021, as in the former we've only been able to show films for two and a half months, but the box office has been steadily increasing since the opening in April 2021. The restrictions were in place since day one (only 50% tickets were being sold), and they remained in place till the end of 2021, affecting the admissions. Regardless of that, people have been eager to return to cinemas. The biggest wave was around October 2021 when Venom, Dune and the new James Bond were released in cinemas", Gvantsa Garmelia, marketing director of Cavea Cinemas, told FNE.

    Beginning by Dea KolumbegashviliDomestic films had approximately 10,000 admissions in 2021. The top 3 of domestic films in terms of attendance and gross are: Negative Numbers directed by Uta Beria and produced by Magnet films (released on 10 June 2021), Brighton 4th directed by Levan Koguashvili and produced by Kino Iberica (released on 23 December 2021), and Beginning directed by Dea Kulumbegashvili and produced by First Picture (released on 24 June 2021). The exact number of admissions and gross is unknown at the moment.

    American films dominated the Georgian admissions in 2021: Spider-Man: No Way Home by Jon Watts racked up 74,089 admissions, F9 by Justin Lin had 68,767 admissions, and Venom: Let There Be Carnage by Andy Serkis had 44,071 admissions, according to Georgian cinemas.

    In 2021, the Georgian cinemas were visited by an average of 61,945 viewers per month.