FNE Focus: Georgian Call for Financing Foreign Coproductions


    TBILISI: Georgia is opening its doors to European producers with its latest call from the Georgian National Film Center for funding of Georgian foreign coproductions.

    The Georgian National Film Center is accepting projects until 1 November 2010 for the Competition of Coproduction on Financing Full-length Feature Georgian Foreign Film Production in the year of 2011.

    The goal of the competition is to finance Georgian-foreign film production with funds allocated by the state budget.

    The GNFC competition aims at financing full length feature Georgian-foreign joint film production. As a joint production, the participant producer (If the project meets the conditions of this competition) automatically participates in the procedure of granting the status of co-producer, which is regulated by the "European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production".

    Until November 10, 2010, the Georgian National Film Center will verify presented documents and allow producers to correct faults of the projects that do not meet the competition standards and give them the opportunity to re-submit revised projects until December 3, 2010.

    Producers who present their projects after the deadline will not have any additional terms to correct faults of their projects. According to that regulation, the projects entered after the official deadline (November 1, 2010) due to existing faults, will not be considered for the competition.

    All the projects must meet co-production conditions.

    For more detailed information on documents and application procedure please visit: www.gnfc.ge