Hollywood Film 5 Days of August Premieres in Tbilisi

By FNE Staff

    TBILISI: 5 Days of August, the action film about the Russian-Georgian war, premiered on 5 June 2011 in Rustaveli cinema in the Georgian capital Tbilisi. Along with the director of the film Renny Harlin and Georgian producers Mirza Papuna Davitaia and Koba Nakopia, the premiere was attended by Andy Garcia (starring as the president of Georgia) and Sharon Stone as a guest of honor.

    The film was screened in all five halls of the movie theater. After the premiere a charity dinner was organized with the participation of the business sector representatives. The earnings from the dinner will be used for the benefit of Internally Displaced People who suffered as a result of the August war. The reception was also attended by the Georgian President and the guests from Hollywood.

    The feature film portrays the events of Russian-Georgian war of August 2008 and is based on real events. The story centers on an American journalist and DOP and a Georgian girl. The theme of the film is of special importance for the director who is of Finnish origin.

    The actors performing the main parts in the film are Rupert Friend, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Richard Coyle, Val Kilmer, Jonathon Schaech, Dean Cain, and Andy Garcia. The director of photography is Checco Varese. Filming took place in Georgia in 2009.