PRODUCTION: Palfi Casting Epic Toldi

    György Pálfi plans to create a personal image of the story of Hungary’s hero, Miklós Toldi. György Pálfi plans to create a personal image of the story of Hungary’s hero, Miklós Toldi.

    BUDAPEST: György Pálfi (Taxidermia, Hukkle) has moved into the final stages of preproduction for a September 2013 start date on the mega-production Toldi.

    Immediately following the 6 June 2013 decision by the Hungarian National Film Fund ( www.filmalap.hu ), the production ran ads recruiting extras. “The machinery was ready; we just had to turn it on,” the director said.

    The production, with a massive budget (by Hungarian standards where the average budget is 1 - 1.2 m EUR), received a 900 m EUR (3 m EUR) grant from the Fund. The film has a budget of 1.6 b HUF (5.4 m EUR).

    Toldi is the story of Hungary’s best-known hero, Miklós Toldi, a character created by János Arany in the 19th century, an underdog peasant-turn-to-superhero of his romantic age with enormous strength and great success. Pálfi plans to create his own personal interpretation, rather than attempt to make a film along the lines of a Hollywood blockbuster. “Toldi will represent what is the difference in the mentality of Hungarians from the rest of the world. I want to make a film which can attract attention in all Europe -- even in America.”

    Katapult Film ( www.katapultfilm.hu ) is producing with two German coproduction partners, A-company and Cineplus, who will provide 20 percent of the budget. The final budget decisions in Germany will be made in August 2013.

    The production will start shooting in September 2013. The first shooting period will last until the winter, and a second shooting period will run until summer in order to make the four-season film. The post-production will last until the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015.

    Casting negotiations are still in process.

    Director: Pálfi György
    Script: Pálfi György
    DoP: Pohárnok Gergely
    Producers: Angelusz Iván Reich Péter
    Producing Company: Katapult Film Kft.

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