Török to Shoot City Romcom

    Director Ferenc Török Director Ferenc Török

    BUDAPEST: Ferenc Török (Istambul, Overnight, Moscow Square) starts his six-week romantic comedy shoot for Nobody's Island 27 August, mostly in Budapest with some seaside locations.


    Török, an iconic director of his generation known for coming-of-age film Moscow Square, is working with screenwriter Attila Szekér (Opium, Le Grand Cahier) on the story of three young Hungarians seeking happiness in the big city, where everyone tries to escape from reality in a different way.

    The director chose a young actress-screenwriter for the lead role: Juli Jakab. The rest of the trio is played by Eszter Bánfalvi and Tamás Mohai. Nobody's Island is scheduled for release in 2014.

    Production information
    Nobody's Island (Senki szigete)
    Director: Ferenc Török
    Producer: Pál Sándor
    Script: Attila Szekér
    DoP: Martin Szecsanov

    Production: Filmstreet Kft.
    1025 Budapest Nagybányai út 88‎
    Tel: +36 1 392 0474