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PRODUCTION: Hungary’s Laokoon Shooting Kills on Wheels Featured

Kills on Wheels by Attila Till Kills on Wheels by Attila Till credit: Laokoon Film

BUDAPEST: Attila Till’s second feature Kills on Wheels, currently shooting until the end of October, is a thriller involving a crippled young man who finds excitement in joining a gang of hitmen working for the mafia.

The script was written by Till. The film is produced by Judit Stalter’s Laokoon Filmgroup and it is supported by the Hungarian Film Fund and A-Company Hungary. Kills on Wheels is budgeted at 1,390,000 EUR, of which 980,000 EUR is coming from the Hungarian Film Fund.

The cast includes: Zoltan Fenyvesi, Szabolcs Thuroczy, Ádám Fekete, Monika Balsai, and Dusán Vitanovics. The film shooting in Budapest from 7 September to 30 October.

A-Company Hungary will distribute the title domestically with the Hungarian Film Fund handling international sales.

Production Information:

Laokoon Filmgroup
Budapest, 1136 Balzac u. 37. I. 2.
Phone: +361354-0491
Fax: +361354-0492
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Director: Attila Till
Scriptwriter: Attila Till
Cast: Zoltan Fenyvesi, Szabolcs Thuroczy, Ádám Fekete, Monika Balsai, Dusán Vitanovics

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