Prima Primavera completing post-production

By Gyorgy Karpati

    The English-Hungarian-Dutch-Bulgarian coproduction Prima Primavera (www.primaprimavera.com) is completing post-production, director Janos Edelenyi told FNE.

    Prima Primavera is Edelenyi feature debut, following several successful TV films and documentaries made both in Hungary and abroad.

    The €1.1 million budget was funded by €270,000 from the Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (www.mmka.hu), €100,000 from the Hungarian commercial TV channel TV2 (www.tv2.hu), €175,000 from the Bulgarian National Film Center and Bulgarian National Television, with additional support from Hungarian state gambling service company Szerencsejatek Zrt (www.szerencsejatek.hu). Producers include Britain's Steve Bowden and the Vita Nova Films (www.vitanovafilms.com), the Hungary's Peter Miskolczi the head of Eurofilm (www.eurofilm.hu), Bulgaria's Geopoly Film (Pavlina Jeleva and Georgi Cholakov) and Holland's Riba Films International (www.ribafilm.nl) with the producer Arry Arry Voorsmit.

    The film about a 55-year-old retarded man who meets up with a Gypsy girl after losing his mother in a bank robbery, was shot in Hungary and Bulgaria, primarily on location. The international cast includes the first Bulgarian Berlinale Shooting Star Vesela Kazakova, Andor Lukats (Hungary), Antonie Kamerling (Holland) and Bulgarian actor of Serb origins Djoko Rosic.

    The world sales company is the Austrian EastWest Film Distribution Company (www.eastwest-distribution.com). The movie is expected to be released in England, Holland, Bulgaria. The world premiere is planned for Hungary in November.