The Film Fund Gyor is established

By Gyorgy Karpati

    The Film Fund Gyor (www.filmfundgyor.eu), the first Hungarian regional film fund was officially opened with a ceremony on December 1.

    Three Hungarian regional funds have been assigned: Gyor (home of the Mediawave International Film Festival), Pecs (home of Moveast International Film Festival), and Debrecen (locale of Transylvanian co-operation). The local governments of Gyor and Pecs voted to establish their funds in this calendar year.

    In Gyor the local government supported the Fund's establish and increased it to 96,000 euros and also granted 58,000 euros to organize a regional audiovisual archive.

    Erzsebet Toth the general secretary of The Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (www.mmka.hu) and Dr. Rudolf Ottofi the vice mayor of Gyor opened the evening. Gyorgy Durst producer and the president of the Mediawave Foundation announced the winners of the Funds first script, screenplay and novel competition. A total of 81 film plans were judged by the six-member jury in different categories (short film, documentary, animation), including 23 feature films. Results will be announced at the end of January..