Hungarian Cinemas Face Stricter Regulations


    BUDAPEST: New COVID-19 restrictions have been introduced, limiting the capacity in Hungarian cinemas to one-third. Since the reopening at the end of June, wearing masks has been compulsory.

    The Hungarian government declared a state of emergency on 4 November 2020, as the epidemic is worsening. Only every third seat can be occupied. Visitors are not allowed to sit directly behind each other.

    Andrea Buda, the public relations director of Cinema City, the biggest cinema chain in Hungary called it an “illogical regulation”, when she spoke with the media, expressing concern that a significant part of the audience will stop going to the cinema if families, couples and people living in the same household have to be separated. The National Association of Cinema Owners asked for clarification regarding the regulation.

    The new regulations already have two direct consequences. The Budapest Kino Cafe has closed, and at least one premiere of a Hungarian film has been postponed.